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In a tough job market, training is more important than ever

August 2011

Evolving winch and vessel designs enhance towing safety

June/July 2011

Experimentation with "green" vessels drives technology change

April 2011

E-nav software lets mariners take control of a sea of information

April 2011

Coast Guard, maritime schools train U.S. crews to stay one step ahead of pirates

February 2011

New STCW rules require competence in safe navigation using ECDIS

December/January 2011

Maritime industry grapples to interpret U.S. sanctions against Somalis

June/July 2010

More harbor pilots carrying laptops with AIS, real-time conditions

April 2010

New anchor handling tug training emphasizes the view from the aft deck

March 2010

Wind development requires new vessels based on offshore oil technology

February 2010
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