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Survey: Ship operating costs decline 7 percent in 2012

A report from Drewry's Shipping Consultants found that ship operating costs fell 7 percent this year, but management costs will probably increase in the near future

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Lawmakers recognize the poor condition of U.S. Coast Guard fleet

Members of Congress say they recognized that the aging U.S. Coast Guard fleet is deteriorating to such a degree that vital missions are at risk

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Cargill, Huntsman promise to charter only the greenest ships

Cargill and Huntsman pledge to use the RightShip fuel-efficiency index to move their commodities on only the most environmentally friendly vessels

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Study: LNG-fueled vessels to be mainly box ships, cruise ships, tankers

Lloyd's Register has issued a report indicating that price and global infrastructure will influence to entent of LNG use as ship fuel -- mainly for container, cruise and tanker ships

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Seamen's Church issues report on piracy's impact on mental health of seafarers

A report from Seamen's Church Institute and Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that seafarers experience stress and psychological problems as a result of piracy

Web Bulletin 2012

National security cutter, aviators getting more involved in Arctic

The national security cutter Bertholf and Coast Guard aviators are working together to expand their presence in the Alaska Arctic

Web Bulletin 2012

Business strategist reviews a surveillance system for tugboats, with VIDEO

In a New York Times column and video, a business strategist and venture capitalist reviews the prospects for a surveillance system to assist tugboat captains

Web Bulletin 2012

Insurers urged to be more proactive in preventing maritime casualties

Speaking in San Diego, a Braemar official said underwriters need to be more involved in casualty- and loss-prevention earlier in the process

Web Bulletin 2012

Report: Gulf deepwater drilling returning to pre-2010 levels

A report from GlobalData says the Gulf of Mexico deepwater industry will return to pre-2010 levels by the end of this year and will set new record highs

Web Bulletin 2012

Melting Arctic has Manitoba grain port thinking about growth

The port at Churchill, Manitoba, and other Canadian shipping interests are preparing for potential Northwest Passage growth

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