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Refusal of shipyards to take leaking barge complicates salvage

June/July 2011

Barge flips, loses its load of scrap metal in Pacific Ocean

August 2010

Diesel fuel spills after twisted I-beam pierces ro-ro ship's hull

August 2010

Dredge barge damages abandoned wellhead, triggering five-day gusher

December/January 2010

Grain carrier spills fuel in Seaway when anchor breaches hull

December/January 2010

Failed thruster, missed command cited in collision between tanker and barge

December/January 2010

Slack in mooring lines may be to blame for dock bollard puncture and Delaware oil spill

August 2009

Cosco Busan operator admits forging papers, will pay $10 million fine

December/January 2009

OSV spills diesel fuel after hitting rig

May 2008

Fuel spilled after wind and currents
drive bulk carrier against its dock

April 2008
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