Archive of: A Mariner's Notebook

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Put a personal locator beacon in your Christmas stocking

October/November 2008

When applying for your TWIC, consider bringing cookies

August 2008

Dredging up pleasant memories of life aboard Stuyvesant

August 2008

Capt. Kelly Sweeney's Stuyvesant photos

June/July 2008

Flaws in TWIC rollout could hurt mariners and the entire industry

May 2008

Smoking rules can be a hot subject

May 2008

More needs to be done to protect pilots during transfers

April 2008

Cooks need training just like any other on-board position

April 2008

Encourage short-sea shipping,
but keep the Jones Act intact

March 2008

Mariners need to be able to defend themselves against pirates

December/January 2008
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