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VIDEO of Auto Position Escort Winch model undergoing test

The Auto Position Escort Winch is specially designed for ship escort and protects the tugboat from capsizing

Web Exclusive 2012

Trinity Offshore changes its name to TY Offshore

Owners introduce TY Offshore brand, formerly Trinity Offshore

Web Exclusive 2012

Feds: Captain 'played computer games' while tug struck reef

The captain of the Crowley Maritime tugboat Pathfinder will serve a sentence of home confinement after admitting that he wasn't paying attention when vessel hit reef

Web Exclusive 2012

Voluntary towing inspections give crews a glimpse of the future

Capt. John Cater IV and the crew of the tugboat Wye River spent an October afternoon accommodating a U.S. Coast Guard examiner who checked over virtually every aspect of the 4,200-hp vessel.

February 2012

USCG seeks comment on watch system

December/January 2012

Little tugs conduct a big environmental cleanup on the Hudson River

In 1609, Henry Hudson explored a river whose water was as pure as the name of its source implies.

October/November 2011

Smaller tugs give East Coast bunkering company room to maneuver

Over the past eight years, 21 new Vane Brothers tugs have been delivered from Thoma-Sea Boat Builders, of Houma, La., and Chesapeake Shipbuilding, of Salisbury, Md.

October/November 2011

Small towing company from Maine finds ways to make ends meet

August 2011

Ken Boothe Sr.

American Tugboat Review 2011

Side bitt or shoulder bitt? Mariners invited to standardize towing terms

When is a quarter bitt a forward quarter bitt? Never, according to Capt. Eric Johansson, a third-generation tugboater and, since 1994, a professor at State University of New York Maritime College.

May 2011
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