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Salazar: Shell 'screwed up' and was ill-prepared for Arctic offshore drilling

The Interior Department has issued a report criticizing Royal Dutch Shell's preparedness for offshore drilling in the Arctic

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IMO says shipping greenhouse emissions estimate to be issued in 2014

The International Maritime Organization is working on a new estimate of greenhouse emissions from global shipping and it expect the report to be ready next year

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Towing vessel sinks in Mississippi River near New Orleans

The towing vessel Justice sank in the Mississippi River near New Orleans, and the Coast Guard is supervising a salvage and pollution response

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Study: Ships will be able to sail through Arctic without need for icebreakers

Researchers at UCLA have determined that climate change likely will open new shipping lanes through the Arctic Ocean in coming decades

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Great Lakes-Seaway working group releases ballast water management report

The Great Lakes Seaway Ballast Water Working Group has released its 2012 management report

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Coast Guard, EPA study says barge ballast tanks don't increase Asian carp risk

The Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency said an experiment showed that barge ballast tanks do not pose a risk of transporting Asian carp

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Shell confirms that it will not drill for oil offshore in Alaska in 2013

Shell stated that it will not return to the Alaska Arctic to drill for oil offshore this year but does plan to return later

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Oil spews from inactive wellhead after it is struck by crewboat

The crewboat Sea Raider struck an inactive wellhead near Port Sulphur, and an oil-water mixture is spewing from the well

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Report: Justice Department investigating Shell's Arctic drill ship after Coast Guard finds safety violations

The Coast Guard found 16 pollution-control and crew-safety violations aboard Noble Discoverer, and the case has been turned over to the Justice Department

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Engineer pleads guilty to felony, company to pay $2.2M in oil pollution case

The U.S. Department of Justice said a Singapore shipping company will pay $2.2 million in penalties in an oil pollution case and an engineer has pleaded guilty to a felony

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