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New York's Port Authority introduces $4.9M clean-ships program

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has begun a $4.9M Clean-Vessel Initiative to encourage ships to improve engines and reduce emissions

Web Bulletin 2012

Coast Guard deploys oil-skimming equipment during Arctic drill

The U.S. Coast Guard deployed its Spilled Oil Response System during a response drill near Barrow, Alaska

Web Bulletin 2012

P&I club: U.S. authorities have found 2 ships carrying Asian gypsy moth

The U.K. P&I Club reports that two ships entering U.S. ports have been identified as carrying Asian gypsy moth

Web Bulletin 2012

Chamber of Shipping asks IMO to ease ballast water rules

The International Chamber of Shipping wants the International Maritime Organization to 'urgently' address the inability of many operators to meet ballast water treatment standards

Web Bulletin 2012

Cruise industry, Alaska oppose new Emission Control Area

The state of Alaska has sued the federal government in an effort to avoid enforcement of the Emission Control Area that goes into effect Aug. 1, and the cruise industry calls the rules too costly

Web Bulletin 2012

Responders stop fuel leak from Lake Huron dredge, with PHOTOS and VIDEO

The Coast Guard says all of the sunken dredge barge Arthur J's fuel valves and vents have been secured; salvage work starts tomorrow

Web Bulletin 2012

In New York, ICS head says Law of the Sea should remain

Speaking in New York, the secretary-general of the International Chamber of Shipping says the Law of the Sea should not be fundamentally revised

Web Bulletin 2012

EPA issues guidance on ships' role when low-sulfur fuel isn't available

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued interim guidance on what ship operators must do in the event of unavailability of low-sulfur fuel

Web Exclusive 2012
Los Angeles establishes green ship index with financial incentives

Los Angeles establishes green ship index with financial incentives

The Port of Los Angeles is the first seaport in North America or the Pacific Rim to adopt an Environmental Ship Index program.

October/November 2012

Columbia Coastal revamps mid-Atlantic ‘green’ container service

Columbia Coastal Transport has reconfigured its mid-Atlantic container barge service to the ports of Norfolk, Baltimore and Philadelphia, a move it hopes will attract new customers while reducing the amount of freight that travels over highways.

June/July 2012
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