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Coast Guard, EPA study says barge ballast tanks don't increase Asian carp risk

The Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency said an experiment showed that barge ballast tanks do not pose a risk of transporting Asian carp

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Derelict cruise ship that broke loose near Newfoundland has been spotted adrift near Ireland

The derelict, unmanned cruise ship Lyubov Orlova, which broke loose from two towing vessels near Newfoundland, has been spotted adrift off the coast of Ireland

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Two tugs involved in Kulluk tow collide while maneuvering near Kodiak

The Foss Maritime tugboat Corbin Foss and the Crowley tug Ocean Wave collided near Kodiak Island

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Coal barge runs aground in Monongahela River

The lead coal barge with the tugboat Francis J. Blank ran aground in the Monongahela River, and the captain then pushed it against a river bank to prevent it from sinking

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Icebreaking harbor tugs celebrate 50th anniversary on Hudson River

The U.S. Coast Guard harbor tugboats, which break ice on the Hudson River and helped with 9/11 response, celebrated their 50th anniversary

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Barge strikes other barges transferring fuel; oil spills into Mississippi River

A barge ran into two stationary barges that were transferring fuel at a Baton Rouge facility, resulting in the hose disconnecting and oil spilling into the Mississippi River

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Five tugs towing Carnival Triumph after towline breaks; stroke victim needs medevac

The U.S. Coast Guard said a stroke victim needed a medevac from the stricken cruise ship Carnival Triumph broke, a towline parted and now 5 tugs are towing the ship

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Newspaper: More tug escorts, fog restrictions are needed in San Francisco Bay

The Oakland Tribune published an editorial calling for more tugboat escorts and tighter rules for sailing in fog

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Tugboat sinks, spills fuel into Tennessee River

A tugboat operated by New Johnsonville Marine Service sank along a Tennessee River embankment, and much of the vessel's 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled

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Two tugboats towing disabled Carnival Triumph toward Mobile

The tugboats Resolve Pioneer and Dabhol are towing and steering the cruise ship Carnival Triumph, which experienced an engine fire and blackout

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