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Three crew injured in Calif. tugboat engine-room fire

An engine-room fire broke out aboard the tugboat Z-Five while it was docked at Alameda, injuring 3 crewmembers

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Tugboat runs aground in Buzzards Bay; gear oil spills after propulsion drive damaged

The tugboat Justice ran aground in Buzzards Bay and a propulsion drive was damaged, resulting in spilled gear oil

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Civil engineers give U.S. inland waterways infrastructure a 'D-minus'

The American Society of Civil Engineers have issued their annual infrastructure report card, in which U.S. inland waterways received a D-minus

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Greek-owned ship runs out of fuel, goes adrift near Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Towing & Barge Co.'s tugboats Triton and Honcho towed the Greek-owned ship Global Destiny to port after it ran out of fuel and went adrift near San Juan

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VIDEO and PHOTOS of burning tugboat in La. pipeline accident

The pollution control responder ES&H is on the scene of the Louisiana pipeline site where a tugboat caught fire, and the Coast Guard has released new photos and video of the blaze

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Captain suffers 3rd-degree burns after tug strikes pipeline, fire erupts

A tugboat burst into flames after running into a pipeline near Bayou Perot, and the captain suffered 3rd-degree burns

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'Born boatman' recalls 52 years aboard Mississippi River vessels

In newspaper feature, Walter 'Hoolie' Bowermaster looks back at life on the Mississippi River

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Towing vessel sinks in Mississippi River near New Orleans

The towing vessel Justice sank in the Mississippi River near New Orleans, and the Coast Guard is supervising a salvage and pollution response

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Report: Tug capsizing at NH bridge was caused by captains' errors

A Coast Guard report said the 2012 capsizing of the tug Benjamin Bailey occurred because of errors by two captains

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Guantanamo-bound barge loses 22 containers at sea

The tugboat Spence and its barge Atlantic Trader lost 22 containers overboard off the coast of Florida

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