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Coast Guard: Mobile barge explosions happened after vapors entered nearby tugboat's engine

The U.S. Coast Guard said the barge explosions at Mobile in April happened after a mechanical blower malfunctioned and flammable vapors entered the engine of a nearby tugboat

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Illinois governor backs separation of Great Lakes, river systems to thwart Asian carp

The governor of Illinois said the Mississippi River and Great Lakes watersheds ultimately must be separated to solve the Asian carp problem, at a cost of $3.5B

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Report: Owner of Cenac Towing accused of illegal campaign contributions

News reports in Louisiana say the president of Cenac Towing has been charged with violating U.S. law by making excessive donations to two U.S. senators

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Coast Guard closes Mississippi River near St. Louis due to high water

The U.S. Coast Guard has closed the Mississippi River to commercial navigation as waters rise in St. Louis region

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Tanker, barges damaged in Houston Ship Channel collision

A tanker and a tow collided in the Houston Ship Channel, resulting in damage to the ship and 5 barges

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High water forces closure of several Mississippi River locks

Midwest flooding is disrupting Mississippi River grain shipments, as the Army Corps of Engineers says seven locks in Missouri and Illinois need be closed due to high water

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GE's Hudson River dredging reaches approximate halfway point

General Electric said its Hudson River PCB dredging project, now in its fourth year, is about halfway finished

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Rig manager: Kulluk tow should have used a second tugboat

During a Coast Guard formal hearing, a Noble Drilling manager said two tugboats should have been used to tow Kulluk, which broke free from the sole tug and ran aground

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Kirby's Pyne: Jones Act essential to U.S. economic growth, security

Kirby Corp.'s chief executive said the Jones Act is important for economic investment and U.S. security

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Coast Guard questions Kulluk witnesses on towing system, voyage during winter

The U.S. Coast Guard this week is holding a formal hearing into the grounding of the drill ship Kulluk in Alaska

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