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Towboat crew brings wayward dock with 16 pleasure boats under control

The crew of the towboat Augusta nudged a loose dock containing 16 pleasure boats under control toward the Kanawha River shoreline

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Towboat captain lost overboard on Mississippi River near Memphis

The captain of a towboat was missing in the Mississippi River near Memphis and investigators said he possibly was not wearing his life vest

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Blog: Coast Guard maintains navigation aids during Mississippi River low-water crisis

The U.S. Coast Guard is busy maintaining aids to navigation to mark safe water and keep barge commerce moving during the low-water crisis on the Mississippi River

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Canadian donors assist 8 seafarers stranded on tug at Halifax

Canadians have donated food, water and clothing to the stranded crew of the Craig-Trans, a tugboat that is in need of repairs and is stuck at Halifax

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ATB crew saves life of injured man in Tampa Bay

The crew of Crowley Maritime's ATB Achievement/650-8 used a fast rescue boat to save the life of an injured man in the water near a Tampa Bay bridge

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Army Corps agrees to operate Willamette locks to allow stranded vessels to transit

The Army Corps of Engineers reopened the Willamette Falls Locks for one day to allow vessels that were stranded in the yearlong closure to pass through

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Towboat, barges strike bridge pier on Tennessee River

The towboat Gladys Ford and its barges struck a bridge pier in the Tennessee River at Ledbetter, Ky.

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Coast Guard orders formal investigation of Kulluk grounding

The U.S. Coast Guard said it will conduct a formal investigation, along with the NTSB and BSEE, into the Kulluk grounding and its support vessels

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Mississippi River depth now expected to remain over 9 feet through January

Due to successful rock pinnacle removal and a release from a reservoir, the Mississippi River is now expected to keep a minimum 9-foot depth through January

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Towboat crewman charged with choking captain, endangering vessel

A 30-year-old towboat crewman has been charged with choking his captain into unconsciousness and endangering the vessel after an attack on the Mississippi River

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