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Accident at Vicksburg bridge has delayed more than 1,000 barges

The Mississippi River closure that resulted from a tow striking a rail bridge at Vicksburg has now delayed 71 towboats with more than 1,000 barges

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Empty cruise ship adrift near Newfoundland after towline snapped

A derelict cruise ship is adrift near Newfoundland oil platforms after a tugboat lost control of the empty vessel when the towline snapped

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TSB: Tug master fell asleep before barge struck B.C. rail bridge

A barge severely damaged a railroad bridge on the Fraser River after the tug's fatigued master fell asleep prior to a critical stage in the passage, the Transportation Safety Board said in a report

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Tugboat strikes, sinks sailboat near Golden Gate Bridge; 2 rescued

A tugboat and sailboat collided near the Golden Gate Bridge, knocking both sailors into the water

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Crude oil spills into Mississippi River after 2 barges strike Vicksburg bridge

Two barges being towed by Nature's Way Endeavor struck a railroad bridge at Vicksburg, spilling crude oil into the Mississippi River

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Port of Stockton takes over management of Marine Highway barge plan

The Port of Stockton said it has taken over management of its Marine Highway barge transport initiative in an effort to speed up the project

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Mississippi River closed after barge damages Granite City lock

The Mississippi River was closed for about 24 hours after a barge struck and damaged Lock No. 27 near Granite City

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In reversal, NLRB says tugboat mates are not supervisors

In a decision that reverses previous precendent, the National Labor Relations Board says tugboat mates are not statutory supervisors

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Towboat crew brings wayward dock with 16 pleasure boats under control

The crew of the towboat Augusta nudged a loose dock containing 16 pleasure boats under control toward the Kanawha River shoreline

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Towboat captain lost overboard on Mississippi River near Memphis

The captain of a towboat was missing in the Mississippi River near Memphis and investigators said he possibly was not wearing his life vest

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