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Coast Guard says carelessness caused electrocution of young engineer

April 2011

Waves toss Antarctic cruise ship, smash bridge window, flood electronics

April 2011

Fumigation gas sickens 16 crewmembers aboard dry bulk ship near Welland Canal

April 2011

Two officers inspecting bow for storm damage are killed by wave

April 2011

Chief mate of bulker docked in Philadelphia dies after falling into empty cargo space

March 2011

Seven passengers hospitalized after water taxi slams into Seattle pier

December/January 2011

Laker crewman killed by conveyor possibly mistook alarm for all-clear

October/November 2010

60 hurt when cruise ship turns sharply to avoid drifting buoy

August 2010

Pilot boat rescues injured OSV deck hand from Gulf of Mexico

August 2010

Crewmember of dive support vessel dies after falling overboard while at the dock

April 2010
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