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U.S., Canada end overlapping electronic charts in Atlantic this week

The U.S. and Canada on Thursday ended overlaps on electronic navigational chart coverage in the Atlantic region, and now only one country's chart can be used per given area

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NS Savannah documentary has been released on DVD

A documentary that chronicles the story of the NS Savannah, the world's only nuclear-powered merchant ship, is now available on DVD

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Cummings, Landry submit bill to restore U.S.-flag cargo preferences

Congressmen Cummings and Landry have introduced a bipartisan bill that would restore the U.S-flag cargo preferences that are facing cuts

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Vessel operators 'need to rig pilot ladders safely'

The International Maritime Pilots' Association has published an updated brochure on pilot ladder safety

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NYC plans to order 3 new Staten Island ferries

The New York City Department of Transportation has published a request for proposals for the design of 3 new Staten Island Ferry boats

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Cruise industry, Alaska oppose new Emission Control Area

The state of Alaska has sued the federal government in an effort to avoid enforcement of the Emission Control Area that goes into effect Aug. 1, and the cruise industry calls the rules too costly

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Ice causes delays at Alaska's Red Dog mine port

A buildup of ice outside the Red Dog zinc mine port in northwestern Alaska has caused vessel delays

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Cuba receives its first cargo ship from Miami in 50 years

The cargo ship Ana Cecilia has become Cuba's first cargo ship to deliver goods from Miami in a half-century

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American Petroleum Partners sues MarAd over $340M loan guarantee

American Petroleum Partners is asking a court to order the Maritime Administration to stop delaying a decision on a $340 million loan guarantee application

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U.S.-flag interests object to reduction in food aid cargo preferences

USA Maritime has written a letter to congressional leaders in protest of an amendment that would reduce U.S.-flag vessels' food aid cargo preferences

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