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Four crew die after storm in Gulf of Mexico forces the abandonment of their lift boat

Four crewmen from a Louisiana-based lift boat were killed after they abandoned their damaged vessel via a small life float during a tropical storm in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

December/January 2012

Barge sinks in Ohio River after cable parts following pushboat's collision with a pier

Four barges broke away from a pushboat and one eventually sank in the Ohio River west of Pittsburgh after a cable snapped in unusually high water.

September 2011

Mississippi closed for three days after barges sink near Baton Rouge

August 2011

Pilot swims for his life as towboat sinks in swollen Ohio River

August 2011

Puerto Rico pushboat takes on water and sinks, crew rescued

August 2011

Barge sinks after tow hits Mississippi River railroad bridge

Twenty-five barges broke loose after a Mississippi River tow struck a railroad bridge, and one of the barges sank.

August 2011

Coast Guard criticizes divided command, flag state in Deepwater Horizon disaster

The U.S. Coast Guard's preliminary report on the Deepwater Horizon disaster signals possible reforms to maritime-oriented regulations governing Gulf of Mexico oil activity.

August 2011

Severe storm brings trans-Pacific tow of 658-foot laker to an abrupt end

August 2011

Moored tugboat sinks in Saginaw River, causing 800-gallon spill of diesel fuel

April 2011

Poor maintenance, watertight integrity cited in sinking of Alaska fish processor

April 2011
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