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Tugboat capsizes, dredge sinks in Lake Huron accident

The Coast Guard is responding to the sinking of a commercial dredge and the capsizing of its tugboat in Lake Huron

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Owner of derelict barge Davy Crockett pleads guilty in pollution case

The owner of an abandoned barge in the Columbia River has admitted to violating the Clean Water Act, resulting in $20M cleanup

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Resolve Marine, Coast Guard removing cargo from grounded vessel in Puerto Rico

Resolve Marine is in the midst of an operation to remove cargo, including hazardous materials, from the grounded vessel Jireh in Puerto Rico

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Coast Guard cutter escorts disabled tug that had been adrift

A Coast Guard cutter safely escorted the tugboat Capt. Hendren, which had suffered a steering casualty near Cordova, Alaska

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Tugboat goes adrift off Alaska after steering casualty

The Oregon-based tugboat Capt. Hendren suffered a steering casualty and went adrift near Cordova, Alaska

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Report: Shell drillship drags anchor, may have beached

The Shell drillship Noble Discoverer dragged anchor and drifted toward shore near Dutch Harbor

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Possible hydraulic failure cited after Boston ferry strikes docked yacht

The small ferry Island Adventure may have had a hydraulic failure before hitting a stationary yacht at a Boston wharf

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Costa Concordia captain says he was distracted by phone conversation

In a TV interview, the captain in the cruise-ship disaster apologizes for the accident and says he was talking with a retired captain when ship struck rock

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Cruise ship's thruster wake damages Intrepid museum gangway

A large wake caused by the thrusters of the cruise ship Norwegian Star broke a gangway off a decommissioned submarine

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Ship with serious ammonia leak towed at Dutch Harbor

A 353-foot ship has been placed in isolation and the crew was evacuated after an ammonia leak was detected

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