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Coast Guard: Hudson River tanker had hull breach and listed

The Coast Guard said the grounded tanker Stena Primorsk is now safely at anchor after the hull was breached and the vessel listed

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Tanker loses steering, runs aground in Hudson River

The 600-foot tanker Stena Primorsk, carrying light crude oil, lost steering and ran aground in the Hudson River in upstate New York

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Fuel spills into Kill Van Kull during transfer between two barges

Pollution responders are at work in the Kill Van Kull after fuel spilled from a barge during a transfer operation at Mays Ship Repair

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Freighter loses propulsion, runs aground at Charleston

The Liberian-flagged freighter HR Recommendation lost propulsion, exited the channel and ran aground at Charleston Harbor

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Ore carrier damages Toledo pier, leaks fuel into Maumee River

A 730-foot bulk carrier struck and damaged a Toledo pier and leaked fuel through a hole in its starboard bunker tank

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Tanker crewman needs medevac after getting burned in boiler accident

A crewman aboard the tanker Overseas Beryl needed a medevac near Pascagoula after receiving second-degree burns while performing maintenance on a boiler

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Diesel spills during vessel fuel transfer in San Juan Harbor

The U.S. Coast Guard said 600 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into San Juan's San Antonio Channel during a vessel fuel transfer

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Bulk carrier crashes into B.C. coal terminal causeway, conveyor

The bulk carrier Cape Apricot slammed into coal-export facilities at Westshore Terminals, destroyed a causeway, conveyor and electrical and water links

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Hawaii tug has engine fire, loses propulsion, collides with barge

The tugboat Phyllis Dunlap went adrift after a fire in its engine room and then was struck by its barge near Maui

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B.C. ferry crash in 2011 blamed on fuel injector, poor communications

Investigators said Queen of Coquitlam crashed into its dock in Nanaimo after a fuel injector problem knocked out an engine and then the crew didn't react properly due to a communication breakdown

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