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Seastreak commuter ferry crashes into NYC dock; 57 injured

The Seastreak ferry from Atlantic Highlands, N.J., crashed as it landed at South Street Seaport, injuring 57 people

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Insurance report: Human error still 'root cause' of most casualties

An industry survey by Allianz, which shows that the number of ships lost rose by 91 in 2012, found that human error is still the "root cause" of most accidents

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Tanker strikes San Francisco's Bay Bridge in fog, with PHOTOS

The empty 751-foot tanker Overseas Reymar struck a tower of the San Francisco Bay Bridge; human error eyed

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Barge carrying iron ore breaks loose in Lake Superior

A barge carrying iron ore and fuel broke loose in Lake Superior and became temporarily out of sight in rough weather

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Kulluk refloated, now under tow to sheltered waters

The Shell drill ship Kulluk was refloated Sunday night and is being slowly towed to more sheltered waters

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Heavy weather hampers effort to reach grounded Alaska drill ship

The U.S. Coast Guard said responders have not yet been able to board the stranded Shell drill ship Kulluk because the weather has been too treacherous

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Tanker crewmen treated for chemical exposure after line they were repairing broke

Two tanker crewmen needed a Coast Guard medevac near Galveston after they were sickened by the chemical phenol while repairing a frozen line

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Drill ship runs aground near Kodiak Island after breaking loose from Aiviq

Two days after the new Alaska oil-industry vessel Aiviq suffered propulsion failure, the conical drill ship it was towing broke loose and ran aground near Kodiak Island

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Coast Guard: Hudson River tanker had hull breach and listed

The Coast Guard said the grounded tanker Stena Primorsk is now safely at anchor after the hull was breached and the vessel listed

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Tanker loses steering, runs aground in Hudson River

The 600-foot tanker Stena Primorsk, carrying light crude oil, lost steering and ran aground in the Hudson River in upstate New York

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