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OSV sinks after hitting La. oil platform; all 23 occupants safe -- with PHOTO GALLERY

The offshore supply vessel Celeste Ann struck an oil platform and sank near the Louisiana coast, and all four crew and 19 passengers were rescued safely

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Coast Guard: Mobile barge explosions happened after vapors entered nearby tugboat's engine

The U.S. Coast Guard said the barge explosions at Mobile in April happened after a mechanical blower malfunctioned and flammable vapors entered the engine of a nearby tugboat

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Months after blackout, Carnival Triumph returns to service

Carnival Triumph, which left passengers stranded for days without sanitary services, has returned to service after four months at repair yard

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Captain pleads guilty to Seaman's Manslaughter in parasailing case

The U.S. Coast Guard said the captain in a fatal 2011 parasailing accident in the U.S. Virgin Islands has pleaded guilty to Seaman's Manslaughter

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DNV: Hull-penetration, engine-failure casualties have increased in recent years

DNV has issued a call for a better safety focus in shipping, noting that certain types of casualties are on becoming more frequent

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Wildlife group's report identifies waters where maritime casualties inflict most damage

The wildlife group WWF has published a report identifying the oceans and seas that are most vulnerable to major maritime casualties

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VIDEO and PHOTOS of decontamination work aboard BBC Arizona at Valdez

Decontamination work is underway to clean up oil leaking from containers aboard a cargo ship that caught fire at Valdez

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Leaking chemical sickens ship crew at B.C.'s Deltaport

British Columbia's Deltaport was closed for most of the day after a ship crew became sickened by chemical fumes that hazardous materials responder said came from a container

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Emerald Service, Alaska Chadux head up Valdez decontamination job

A unified command has been established to oversee the oil spill cleanup aboard BBC Arizona, and Emerald Services and Alaska Chadux are the decontamination contractors

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Tanker, barges damaged in Houston Ship Channel collision

A tanker and a tow collided in the Houston Ship Channel, resulting in damage to the ship and 5 barges

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