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Two tanker crewmen severely injured in accident involving split cable

Two crewmen aboard the tanker Energy Conqueror were severely injured when a cable split, and they needed a U.S. Coast Guard medevac southwest of San Diego

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ATB crew saves life of injured man in Tampa Bay

The crew of Crowley Maritime's ATB Achievement/650-8 used a fast rescue boat to save the life of an injured man in the water near a Tampa Bay bridge

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Coast Guard orders formal investigation of Kulluk grounding

The U.S. Coast Guard said it will conduct a formal investigation, along with the NTSB and BSEE, into the Kulluk grounding and its support vessels

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SOLAS rule in effect this week will require replacement of lifeboat release hooks

A SOLAS amendment that went into effect Jan. 1 will require the replacement of many lifeboat release hooks, according to the International Maritime Organization

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Bloomberg TV report on Army Corps rock pinnacle removal, impact on barge commerce

Contractors are using barges with jackhammer and backhoes to remove rock pinnacles that are obstructing barge traffic during this period of low water in the Mississippi River

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Crowley crew wins heroism award for 2011 rescue near UK

The crew of the Crowley-operated vessel Ocean Titan received the AOTOS Mariners' Plaque in honor of a 2011 rescue in a gale near England

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Captain indicted after fatal parasailing accident in U.S. Virgin Islands

A captain who ran parasailing excursions has been indicted as a result of a fatal accident involving a broken towline

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Report: Missing Bounty crewmembers were washed overboard while trying to enter lifeboat

A Canadian news report says the two missing HMS Bounty members were washed overboard while in the process of entering a lifeboat

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Unoccupied van rolls off ferry in St. Lawrence River

A minivan in neutral knocked down a raised ramp and rolled off a St. Lawrence River ferry; the captain was hospitalized after suspected heart attack

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Coast Guard: Missing crewman at Mobile may have fallen while recovering pilot ladder

The Coast Guard said a missing crewman at Mobile may have fallen while recovering a pilot ladder

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