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Toasts of New Year’s past: Ship horns, sky fire and a bit of ‘bubbly’

In a few short days, New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world will take place, with different cultures noting the turn of the year in their own unique ways.

December/January 2019

Missouri disaster should be end of the line for duck boats

After having spent most of my seagoing career working in the oil industry and on tugs, I took a job working as a mate on board high-speed passenger vessels one summer.

October/November 2018

Streamlined process provides happier ending for third tale of the TWIC

It was a cool Sunday evening in March, and my wife and I were enjoying the fire blazing in the wood stove.

September 2018

‘Regulatory reform’ first shot in new attack on US maritime industry

Imagine this scenario: Our ports are filled with Bolivian- and Cypriot-registered ships running U.S. domestic coastwise cargo, many of them “rust buckets” crewed by minimally trained mariners and operated by unscrupulous vessel owners.

August 2018

Renew, renew, renew: Mandates trap mariners in credential maze

I was at our local library on a quiet Sunday afternoon, getting ready to check out some DVDs.

May 2018

Pass it on: Gifts of knowledge and kindness foster success at sea

Drummer Ringo Starr of the Beatles famously sang how he got by with a little help from his friends.

April 2018

Memory cues there and here keep mariners safe if danger’s near

Named after the ancient Greek goddess of memory, a mnemonic is used to help someone recall information.

March 2018

Know before you go to stay out of trouble in foreign ports

It was a hot Gulf of Mexico day, and we were heading to Tampa, Fla., with a full load of gasoline.

February 2018

Far out to sea, holiday spirit brings together sailors of all stripes

It was a cold, snowy December night in Spokane, Wash., and I carried a plateful of holiday cookies and a huge glass of eggnog in preparation for the Christmas special on TV.

December/January 2018

Government should work for, not against, our merchant marine

Since the 1980s, there have been foreign-flag ships working in U.S. territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

October/November 2017
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